Brands Facing Camera is a business- to-business platform matching brands with movie and TV production companies looking for products in exchange for on-screen exposure.

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What is Product Placement?

Product placement is a growing way for brands to reach a target audience by embedding their products in Film and TV Productions. By providing valuable product for on-camera use, brands can increase awareness, sales, and draw in new customers while bypassing traditional advertising.

Brands Facing Camera seeks to disrupt the established market by creating a new low cost, low barrier, high-speed product placement platform.

How to Eat Fried Worms (2006) with Louisiana Hot Sauce

How Does Product Placement Work?

Props, Wardrobe, and Set
Decoration need a Brand’s
products and services

Brands need product featured
organically & naturally in a
production matching their demo

Product in Exchange for
Exposure. It’s how product
placement actually works!

How Much Is Product placement Worth?

According to  Fast Company, the worldwide Product Placement business is estimated to be worth $23 billion – $12.84 of that is in the US. In another article, the New York Times takes a broader approach in this article going in-depth into the complexity of the typical relationships required to pull off a successful transaction. Why is it so difficult, and in some cases so expensive? Traditional product placement services are only accessible to brands and productions that can afford to fill two key roles – a Placement Agent for brands, and a Product Placement Supervisor for productions. But since the pandemic, budgets for both roles have been slashed. Product warehouses remain closed. But the number of film and TV production continue to rise… 

Brands Facing Camera seeks to disrupt the established market by creating a new low cost, low barrier, high-speed product placement platform.

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Brands Facing Camera matches Brands with Movies & TV Productions seeking products for on-screen usage

Zooey Deschanel plays a Gibson guitar in Bridge to  Terabithia (2007)


Product placement allows Brands to gain awareness among target consumers, create positive associations with their products, and generate sales lift.

Ballast (2008) with Cheerios

Chocolate Lizards (2023) with Coca-Cola

Productions need legally cleared products and services from Brands to save time and money on wardrobe, props, and set design.

How Does BFC Work?


Production matches
with Brand


Production uses
Brand's product


Brand's product
reaches consumers

For Productions

For Brands

Stop wasting time & money. Make a match today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it really is! It’s product in exchange for exposure. This is how Product Placement actually works in Hollywood. Greenlit Productions need the actual products that are called out in the script. Product Placement is a way to secure these products directly from the Brand, and clear it. All in one step.

Productions need a Brand’s help to come through quickly and efficiently. The more time and money you save a Production, the better! No more wasting money on “Sponsorship Dollars”. A win/win for all involved!

Projects need Brands for on-screen usage that align with their demographics. Brands need free, organic exposure in productions their target audiences engage with. Production Departments review scripts and mark any products or services they need for the project. Once a Production needs are entered into their profile, a Brand connections can be requested.

A Brand’s products are what characters would actually use in real life, adding credibility and authenticity to a scene. Do you sip soda from a soda can that says, “soda”? Yeah, me neither. The only costs incurred are the Brand’s cost of goods, plus shipping to the Production’s office. There are no sponsorships or additional fees. Product in Exchange for Exposure only. I could write a whole book on how Sponsorship dollars are a waste compared to organic Product Placement opportunities that are effective, naturally raise brand awareness and sales, and FREE.

If you’re a BRAND:
a. Create a BRAND Profile
b. Input information about your company including products offered, mission statement, desired demographics, and your consumer-facing website.
c. Once a production that matches your selected criteria has on-screen usage requirements, you are immediately notified via email. It’s up to you, the Brand, whether you want to engage with this production or not. 
d. Brand profiles are hidden to the public and are only revealed when a Brand approves a match..
e. When you are matched with a Production, your profiles will be connected in order  to engage directly with them to work out the approximate screen time of your product, how the product will be used, and delivery details.
If you’re a PRODUCTION:
f. Create a PRODUCTION Profile
g. Input a Short Description of your Production (aka Logline), the projected rating, estimated shoot dates, relevant links, and what products are needed for your production.
h. Submit a MATCH REQUEST.
i. Based on your input criteria, BFC will approach qualified Brands with your request. Once a match is approved, your profiles will be connected and you will be able to engage directly with the Brand to work out the approximate screen time of the product, how the product will be used, and delivery details in exchange for exposure.

Say I’m working on an independent film with A-list stars and I’m in the Wardrobe Department.

The Wardrobe Department, tasked with dressing the entire cast, knows what styles they need, but have a very limited budget and even less time to run around shopping and getting everything together for the shoot. Wardrobe needs Brands that are responsive and eager to send product in exchange for exposure – now. They create a PRODUCTION profile and request a MATCH. As a BRAND with an active BFC profile that offers product that match the PRODUCTION’s needs, you may receive a MATCH REQUEST.

If you ACCEPT the request, Wardrobe can go through your website and pick ideal potential items for their characters – beyond thrilled to use and feature your Brand on screen. Now, your Brand will be featured on screen by an A-list cast – organically – since your Brand is what the character naturally wears. The PRODUCTION saved money, time, and receives clearance for usage on screen. The BRAND is used on screen, naturally, by characters the audience can relate to.

No BS “Sponsorship Dollars” nonsense. No Agents to hire to get your Brands in productions. I’ve seen too many good companies throw money away just trying to get some real screentime. Forget about it. Product in Exchange for Exposure. It’s a Win/Win and that’s how real Product Placement works!

Okay! Here’s a recent example of a BFC+ Concierge Service placement that went really well, and all parties thrilled.

The Production engaged our services as a Product Placement Supervisor. As part of that service, we review the script for special opportunities. One scene called for our A-list star to hand a bag of fast food to the “gang” of other actors who hungrily munch down the food – on screen. Right there in the script, is an opportunity for organic brand integration and implied celebrity endorsement.

The film takes place in a specific state, we decided to give indie local brands this opportunity as opposed to the usual Fortune 500 restaurants we work with. The independently owned chain of restaurants that was most eager and immediately reachable were thrilled to participate! We made an agreement then and there: product in exchange for exposure. The hardest part was turning down other major chains that service the area after we made our first match. On set that day, I personally made sure we got good-faith still shots of their product on set, in use (for Brand internal use only, not for publication) as these are non-actor approved candid shots. I put a watermark on the shots and sent to the company, who was beyond pleased to see their products in use as it happens.

In exchange for this kind of exposure, the Restaurant provided coupons for the food for the Prop Department for day of filming, provided 2nd meal for the entire cast and crew (huge offset of time and savings) plus sent us a wonderful little wrap gift for each cast and crew member (a very cool Branded item from their online store) And that was the Brand’s entire cost of what amounted to an amazing organic integration scene in the movie!

Yes! While BFC’s basic matching service is offered free, you can contact us about our special Concierge Service featuring additional hands-on Product Placement Supervision (for Film Productions), Management of Scheduling and Deliverables (for Brands) and more. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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Brands Facing Camera is dedicated to making Product Placement as easy as possible.

But sometimes both BRANDS and PRODUCTIONS need professional quality services in a hurry.

01. Custom Demographics Matching

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02. Coordinate Important Deliverables

From product deliveries to obtaining good-faith photos directly from set

03. Special Placement

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04. Co-Branding

Identifying & executing co-branding & organic PR/marketing opportunities

05. Professional Contract

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06. Proprietary Plug & Play

Ready-to-use product placement
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